Agriculture in Australia Vol. 1

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Filmmakers Jörn and Tammo Gläser begin their journey of agricultural discovery in the city of Perth, in the state of Western Australia. The first stop is the two sites owned by Glenvar Farms, where the family harvests its grain and compresses the straw with the combine harvester in one passing. Along their 4500-kilometer route, the brothers then visit other large grain farms that are using modern combine harvesters and large tractors. The variety of the Australian landscape is also showcased along the way. You can find the “making-of” for the three-part film on this Australian expedition under Extras on the DVD. A narrator guides you through the film.

Running time: 85 minutes + Making of

Speaker: German, English and French 




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Agriculture in Australia - Collection box 3xDVD Agriculture in Australia - Collection box 3xDVD
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