Other Farming DVDs published in the last years (all our movies are translated to English) 


XXL Modern Classic Tractors 

Released 2021

The most outstanding tractors from the 80s and 90s, all united in one film! For this film production, filmmakers Jörn and Tammo Gläser visited dozens of modern classic tractor owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to capture their tractors at work in the fields. Discover...


J-Reiff Fendt Classic Vol.1

Released 2021

J-Reiff is one of the best-known agricultural contracting businesses in Europe. Over the past few years, senior partner in the business, Josy Reiff, has been passionately compiling the world's largest collection of classic Fendt tractors. Discover more...


Harvest Time in Germany

Released 2020

This unique harvesting story takes viewers on an exciting journey through Germany’s diverse agricultural landscape. In this documentary, well-known filmmakers Tammo and Jörn Gläser delve deep into the harvesting activities involved in 12 different arable crops.  Discover more...


Adventure Agriculture: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Released 2020

Jörn and Tammo Gläser have set off with their cameras to film this three-part series on farming and agricultural engineering in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In over 70 film locations from Flensburg to the foothills of the Alps, from Geneva to the Hungarian border, the movie follows farmers through the agricultural year. Discover more...



Reiff contracting - The movie 2

Released 2018


The Reiff Company is one of the best known agricultural contractors in Europe. This family-run company has grown considerably in the last few years. With a modern vehicle fleet of more than 50 tractors, forage harvesters, combine harvesters, construction vehicles and many specialist machines the Reiff team set themselves new challenges every day.  Discover more...


Agriculture in South America [3xDVD Box]

Released 2018


The two independent film-makers, Jörn and Tammo Gläser have already travelled with their cameras on five continents for their agricultural reports. In this film project they are devoting themselves to agriculture in South America. Join us on an exciting film journey through outlying farming regions in South America, which you would never see as a tourist. Discover more...









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Farming dvds and Videos by Jörn und Tammo Gläser



Tammo Gläser, at the age of 13 he founded because of his passion for farm equipment. In the recent years, together with his brother, he has filmed on five continents. He is proud on his independent work.


Jörn Gläser, has been using a photo camera since his childhood. This that time he is always on the hunt for exciting nw photos. With his film drone, the wide landscapes in South America and Russia can be shown even better.




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