Adventure Agriculture: Germany, Austria, Switzerland [3xDVD]

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The two film-makers Jörn and Tammo Gläser have set off with their cameras to film this three-part series on farming and agricultural engineering in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
In over 70 film locations from Flensburg to the foothills of the Alps, from Geneva to the Hungarian border, the documentary follows dozens of farmers and agricultural contractors through the varied facets of the agricultural year. This film shows you powerful arable giants and modern tractors from all the established manufacturers. There are also a few rare special machines and home-made machines for special crop cultivation, forestry and mountain farming. Starting with winter maintenance, through sowing and finally to harvesting of a variety of field crops, in this more than five hour documentary, viewers are given a wonderful insight at close quarters into modern farming. A commentator explains the interesting facts about the farm machines and farms presented. This new series of films has also been produced completely independently, without sponsors and without advertising. 


Running Time (collectors box): 320 min

Narrator: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



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