Agriculture in South America [3xDVD]

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The two independent film-makers, Jörn and Tammo Gläser have already travelled with their cameras on five continents for their agricultural reports. In this film project they are devoting themselves to agriculture in South America. The story starts with a visit to the harvest in the federal state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. The farms here produce grain maize and soya beans for the world market. Dozens of agricultural machines from various manufacturers are shown working in the fields. Many farms are several tens of thousands of hectares in size. Brazil is also the world's largest producer of sugar. This film also shows the harvesting and transport work in the federal state of São Paulo. In Argentina the film-makers have accompanied farmers and agricultural contractors in the rice and maize harvest and have also concentrated on cattle rearing. Impressive aerial shots show agricultural machines and pampas regions from the sky. The Central Valley in Chile lies between the Andes and the Pacific. It is one of the most productive arable regions in the world. This documentary report takes you to the wine and tomato harvests and shows how European agricultural technology is used on the other side of the world. Join us on an exciting film journey through outlying farming regions in South America, which you would never see as a tourist.

Running Time (collectors box): 280 min

Narrator: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



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